Unofficial Spring Election Night Results- April 3rd, 2018

Unofficial Spring Election Night Results

Countywide results available at Bayfield County Website

April 3rd, 2018


Registered Voters in Town

Before Election Day-             550

Late Registrations-                 2

Election Day Registrations-   6

Absentee Voters-                    14

Outstanding Provisionals-    0


Total Election Day Voters    327


Justice of the Supreme Court

Michael Screnock                     95

Rebecca Dallet                          214



County Supervisor, District 2    

Thomas J. Gordon                    262

Pat Quaintance                         45



Town Board Supervisor

Fred M. Erickson                      151

Robert Feyen                            81

Robert J. Meierotto                   175

Brenda Kovachevich                 127


School District

Bayfield School District

School Board Member

City of Bayfield

Stephanie Bresette                    240


Bayfield School District School Board Member

Town of LaPointe

Debbie Knopf                           223


Bayfield School District

School Board Member

At Large

Glenn W. Carlson                     175

Larry Deragon                          90



Elimination of State Treasurer

Yes                                          70

No                                            222